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Apex Legends Newest Weapon: Havoc Is Live And It Packs A Punch

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On February 19th, the official Apex Legends Twitter account tweeted that a new gun would be coming into play on the 20th. Attached to the tweet was a short video that showed players sliding down the mountain – but all of the footage was staticky and very hard to see.

It was believed that this would be an energy weapon since there are only two guns that take energy ammo opposite the other ammo takes that all have three or four weapons. It definitely sounded like an energy type, and with that ammo type being so underutilized it would only make sense for this to be so.

New Apex Weapon - Havoc

Changing The Game

Come February 20th, the Havoc is here via a free update, and it does some decent damage. I could best compare it to the Devotion in that it has a short charge up time before firing rapidly. That said, this new gun falls into the assault rifle class rather than a light machine gun. Also, it’s the only weapon that accepts two different upgrades – the one previously only for the Prowler, and the one for the Devotion. Depending on the upgrade, the gun changes fire modes from automatic to single-shot or changes the charge to be a hitscan weapon. The Havoc is also the only hitscan weapon in the entire game, at least when it’s fully charged. From my experience, this is a great mid-range weapon that also works as a close-range beast. Some players like to use it long-range as well.

While we don’t know the exact statistics, EA says the Havoc matches with the Hemlock in terms of damage per shot.

That said, it’s great that we’re getting a weapon so early considering the game has only been out for a couple of weeks now. This is the first new piece of content aside from a themed Valentines Day pack of skins – ones that you have to buy with real currency, mind you.

Otherwise, we know we’re getting a ton of new content this year for Apex Legends. The good stuff starts in March with the launch of the Battle Pass, which will include all sorts of cosmetics for players to earn. Fortunately, none of the extra content such as legends, guns, or other game-changers will cost any money.

Keeping Players Coming

However, EA and Respawn Entertainment are still funneling players towards spending money due to loot boxes. Up until level 20 or so, loot boxes (or apex crates) drop every level. Afterward, they come every few levels. According to some gamers who have hit max level, we only get 45 apex crates for 100 levels. This means that if the battle pass doesn’t provide good enough content, players will have no choice but to spend if they want additional loot.

That’s not to mention that competitor Fortnite pushes out content nearly every week. It’s tough to say if Apex Legends is trying to match that or if it will stick to its own timeline regarding random updates such as the Havoc gun.

That said, while it’s vital that Apex beats out its competitors, the game has brought in over 25 million players since its launch. This is an insane number of gamers jumping into EA and Respawn’s latest. It helps that Legends is free, but so was Fortnite and that’s how it beat the original battle-royale, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

As of now, the fight for top battle royale seems to be between Fortnite and Apex Legends. While other titles such as Ring of Elysium or PUBG are still performing just fine, they don’t have nearly as much headspace as Epic and EA’s titles. We’ll have to see if another title pops into the fray or if these games will hold steady for a while.

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