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Out Today: Capcom Reveals Release Date for Free Resident Evil 2 DLC

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Surprise! The Ghost Survivors, a free DLC pack for the Resident Evil 2 remake, will be available Friday, February 15th. It will come out on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

The content is similar to other bonus modes included within the game. However, this particular piece brings in characters from before the outbreak. Instead of playing as heroes, you learn how each one experiences the zombies and play until their death.

It’s an exciting way to tie into the main game and one that explores Raccoon City before the events of it all. While some died during the timeline of the primary experience, others died before Leon ever arrived.

Resident Evil 2 DLC

A New Perspective

The first survivor, Robert Kendo, owned a gunshop before the outbreak. He utilizes his weapon expertise to fight the creatures, running into the streets to wreak havoc. Unfortunately, when trying to escape, he encounters a new enemy time – a poisonous zombie, according to GameSpot. This first story goes by the name of No Time To Mourn.

Survivor number two is Katherine Warren. She is the daughter of Raccoon City’s mayor. Entitled Runaway, this is a more stealth focused episode. Facing off against an empowered zombie, players can hide or fight against this new villain. However, taking it down requires different ammunition. Help her and her friend try to escape in this one.

Finally, we have Ghost, an Umbrella Security Service operative trying to escape from the start of the outbreak. This story is called Forgotten Soldier, and places Ghost in a hidden lab underneath the city. Not only does he have to fight off tons of zombies, but they’re all laden with armor – making them even more difficult.

Capcom released a blog post detailing the update as well. There, Social Media Specialist describes the missions in a little more detail:

“This set of stories provides “what if” scenarios for characters you encounter throughout the main game, providing an alternate look at what things might have been like if they survived the horrors of Raccoon City. Escape from Raccoon City by any means necessary – but this time, you’ll be playing as three characters that never survived that fateful night.”

Heaps of Content

The post goes on, claiming that players can complete each segment on a regular difficulty. This content pack also includes a Training mode. With Training mode enabled, the game is much easier to play. It contains extra item slots and collectibles at the start and provides a way for players to learn the enemies before fighting them in the more challenging regular mode.

Interestingly, instead of finding items out and about, most collectibles will come to you by fighting enemies wearing backpacks or via vending machines. That said, you can only pick one item per vending machine. Once done, the other options lock up for the entire playthrough.

These features add a ton of replayability, on top of trophies and other in-game challenges for players to complete such as score attack or time trials. Once completed, gamers will unlock even more challenges, some of which providing accessories in which to decorate the survivors.

On top of all this, the PlayStation Store is offering free 1998 themed costumes for the main characters, Claire and Leon. These will be available on the 15th just as the DLC is. They look exactly like the “polygonal” characters from the original PlayStation classic.

For such a gamble of a game, this remake really paid off for Capcom. Resident Evil 2 is heralded by many as one of the best in the franchise, and the fact that so much effort went into a release is something to admire the company for. I’m sure this is the first of many new content packs to come.

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    • Stephen rocks Reply

      Does the ghost survivors dlc just automatically download as I can only find the original costumes

  1. Stephen rocks Reply

    Does the ghost survivors dlc just automatically download as I can only find the original costumes

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