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Macbook Air

Apple Reveals New MacBook Air and iPad Pro During New Showcase

In a showcase on October 30th, Apple revealed their newest line of products. Taking place in Brooklyn, New York, the company showcased latest MacBook Air, Mac mini, and new iPad Pros. New Macbook Air, Image from MobileSyrup To start, the...

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Google Red Hat

IBM Will Acquire Red Hat Software Company For $34 Billion

Yesterday, IBM Corp announced its acquisition of Red Hat Inc for $34 billion, as reported by Reuters. This pricing includes any debt the company may have. The goal with this purchase is to expand into new hardware, alongside its consulting...

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Snap Augmented Reality

Snap Is Targeting Desktop With Its Augmented Reality Lenses

While Snapchat seems to be losing the social media race to Instagram, it’s actually working on some innovations to stay positive in the eyes of users. The company just introduced Snap Camera – a standalone application that presents the face...

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Google Smart City

Privacy Expert Leaves Google’s Smart City Development

Smart cities are still a ways off. However, for them to work as best they can, we need them to be built and tested. Alphabet (parent company of Google, Nest, etc.) is aware of this, and uses its smart city...

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Google Andy Rubin

Google Allegedly Paid Off Andy Rubin To Resign After Sexual Misconduct Claim

In 2014, Andy Rubin – the “father of Android” left technology giant, Google. Rubin was sent off on seemingly good terms. Larry Page, Chief Executive at the time, made a statement: “I want to wish Andy all the best with...

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AirBnB Artificial Intelligence

AirBnB Reveals Its Expansion Into Artificial Intelligence

The popular online housing platform, Airbnb, has expanded into services such as touring, hiking, and all sorts of traveling events. While these offerings are fantastic for customers, the company is looking to improve on them even more. To do so, Airbnb...

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Ford Jelly Scooter

Ford Reveals New Electric Scooter Called Jelly

Electronic-powered devices are all the rage nowadays. While we’ve always had rechargeable batteries in phones, Tesla has one-upped that with commercial electronic vehicles. Now, the power alternative is moving to scooters. Big-Time Innovation On A Small Scale Enter Jelly, the...

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Tesla To End “Full Self-Driving” Promotion For Vehicles

Despite the companies’ desire to fulfill the “Full Self-Driving” option in its cars, Tesla will be removing the option from its orders section on their website. Founder Elon Musk commented on the decision via Twitter, stating that the option will...

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Google Pixel 3

People Are Pointing Out Odd Changes In Google’s Pixel 3 Phone

Released on Thursday, October 18th, Google’s Pixel 3 mobile phone has been incredibly well received. Reviewers have praised the device’s camera and artificial intelligence add-ons to no end. However, the tech giant’s newest mobile outing seems to have changed more...

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Uber Testing New Features: VoIP & Moves into the Job Market

Founded in 2009, Uber is the world’s most popular ride-sharing app. Drivers operate worldwide in 785 different areas, with the company expanding into food delivery and even bicycle-sharing. Now, as revealed on Thursday, October 18th, Uber is looking into two...

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