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EA’s Answer to Destiny: Anthem Reveals First Update

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Anthem, EA and Bioware’s answer to Bungie’s Destiny, went live on Friday, February 15th. Despite some rough betas, the final launch went without any hiccups, and gamers seem happy with the changes. However, developers never stop working – especially with a service-game. In lieu of Anthem’s arrival, Bioware and team revealed the “post-launch” future of Anthem, including its first significant update in March.

Entitled “Echoes of Reality,” this big update is actually broken up into three smaller updates called Evolving World, Stronger Together, and The Cataclysm. These new spaces will bring with “new locations, gameplay features, character interactions, and more.” Of course, all of them will focus on the post-game which brings with weekly challenges, contracts, and all sorts of new loot.

EA Anthem Updates

All of this information has been detailed on a new page over at It describes each of the three updates as well:

Act 1 – Echoes of Reality

“The world of Anthem was left unfinished — abandoned by the gods. It is a dangerous place. Chaotic. Unpredictable. As a freelancer, you are one of the elite few chosen to fight against the chaos. To wield the power of your javelin and bring order to the madness.”

Evolving World

“Our Evolving World updates will change the game to reflect the savage, dynamic environment the Freelancers call home. In-game events vary in size, from minor ripples in reality to monstrous firestorms tearing across the sky. Regardless of their size, the danger is worth the rewards.”

Stronger Together

“As the chaos grows, more teamwork, sharper tactics, and cooperative brilliance will be required to counter the menace. Our Stronger Together Update centers around improving social interaction and social competition between the Freelancers in the world of Anthem.”

The Cataclysm

“The pinnacle of challenge and aspiration for the freelancers. A deadly new Cataclysm has emerged in the jungle nation of Bastion, and the freelancers must band together to discover its mysteries, conquer mighty foes, and reap unimaginable rewards.“

The page also has two locked acts, 02 and 03, with some teaser images to go along with them.

For beating these missions, players will unlock different character customizations, gear, blueprints, crafting materials, and in-game currency. Each of these updates looks to change the world in a significant way in the form of Cataclysms, or “time-limited world events that cause physical manifestations to occur: Extreme weather, incursions of dangerous hostile enemies, and new mysteries to solve.”

According to PC Gamer, the new content packs will also bring with guilds, leaderboards, more progression, and a new stronghold.

Constantly Improving

On top of the gameplay additions, EA also noted that Anthem would receive updated PC controls next week. While the current ones are entirely playable, gamers aren’t super happy with the result. Flying is a tough one, with the controls being a tad too sensitive for controlling comfortably. Swimming is the same way, but the issues will be fixed, as mentioned.

Otherwise, Bioware is working to fix an issue where players settings would reset after launching the game again. Some gamers also received more currency than they should at startup. There’s bound to be some other small bugs the team are fixing, but at least the game is playable.

Launching a game like Anthem is no easy task. It’s daunting to maintain a title with hundreds of different players at once, while also ensuring they all have a great experience enjoying it. Plus, all of the players getting involved early here are bound to deal with some imperfections. At least those jumping in on the real launch day, February 22nd, will have an even better experience thanks to these early testers.

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