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10 Best Electronic Pet Toys for Kids: Complete Buyer’s Guide

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As technology moves on, so do children’s toys, Electronic Pet toys are the latest craze which make interactive toys more interesting and also educational for the kids of today. Kids can learn how to care for a pet without actually having the responsibility which comes with pets. Parents rest assured that there is no mess in the house and no risk for the pet. These toys are fun to use and most kids love to cuddle and interact with them.

From life-like cats and dogs to cartoon characters, kids can have their choice from a broad range of options. However, not all toys are the same. Some can even be trained with basic responses while others can react to petting. With included sounds and other interesting features, these pets come in all shapes and sizes.

We have spent hours combing through all the available electronic pet toys with a fine tooth comb, comparing features, battery life, functions and features so you don’t have to. We have taken into account many different things to bring you the list of what we consider to be the best 10 options on the market at the moment.

Best Electronic Pet Toys for Kid

We have also compiled a buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions to help you make your mind up, scroll to the bottom of the post for these.

Read on for our top picks and then a detailed breakdown of each toy with pros of cons which made our list.

Top Picks

Fingerlings – Interactive Baby Monkey

The Interactive Baby Monkey is made following a viral social media monkey. The toy is a true pet and it can come as a good friend for both boys and girls who need a companion. Available in multiple colors, the baby monkey knows its tricks and has its way around each child’s heart. There are 40 animations that come with the newborns. To begin with, they cling to a finger in a friendly way to create a special bond with each child. But they can even make various monkey sounds and blow kisses at times.

Kids can interact with the newborn monkeys in different ways. The baby monkey can swing while hanging upside down. Of course, its reaction to the swing is different every time. Kids can enjoy their moments of pet friendliness by actually seeing how a real baby monkey would react. Petting is also important for every baby monkey. It is why Fingerlings makes their monkey react in different ways. From sounds of approval and soft cooing to closed eyes and happy blinks.

Fingerlings - Interactive Baby Monkey

Kids can also learn more about monkeys in the real world with the toy. For example, just as humans, monkeys need to go to sleep. It is why the Interactive Baby Monkey needs its nap as well. Rocking the baby monkey to sleep should not be too complicated, especially since it tends to wander into the dreamland quite fast.

The baby monkey is programmed to react to different actions. They can offer a quick response or reaction to sounds, motion, and touch. Behind this complex toys, kids can learn more about monkeys, how they behave and find out more about the attention they need in the first months of their lives. With a better understanding of the needs of a baby pet, kids can hope to own a real pet in time, where they get to know more about the responsibility this could come with.

  • Over 40 reactions to delight kids
  • Made to mimic baby monkeys
  • Available in different colors
  • Compact size, easy to play with
  • Encourages pet friendliness
  • Uses LR44 batteries
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Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy

Harry the dog is one of the friendliest pets kids can hope for. It comes with a full arsenal of tricks and surprises. Kids can play with Harry whenever they want. The dog is a Dalmatian and it comes in a compact size. With a height of just 6 inches, Harry can sing and dance. To trigger these responses, kids simply need to pet the dog on its head.

There is a range of vocal reactions Harry is capable as well. Turning the toy on has Harry welcoming the kids to playtime with a friendly message. After short periods of dancing around, Harry also signals kids the rest is needed. Of course, Harry is a happy Dalmatian. It comes with various sounds and different songs. To trigger a song, kids need to touch the dog on its head.

Electronic Pet Dog Interactive Puppy

But like all dogs, Harry also gets annoyed when people play with its tail. When kids pull its tail, the dog runs away. It also tells the kids that he is not happy with their actions. The same happens when kids touch the dog’s nose.

Coming with a limited number of actions and reactions, the dog is perfect for ages two and up. It may even be one of the simplest and most efficient ways of introducing toddlers to the world of dogs. Without actually having to present them with a real dog, they can get an understanding of what a dog looks like and on what it needs. However, since Harry also talks, kids up to the age of 7 can enjoy its companionship. Parents will also be happy to know Harry only needs regular AA batteries for hours of fun.

  • Comes with a friendly Dalmatian look
  • Reacts to tail pulling
  • Able to perform tricks
  • Sings and talks
  • Goes on rest periods for naps
  • Only recommended for smaller kids
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Zoomer Kitty  With Kitty Collar

The Zoomer Kitty can be the new pet of any child. The kitten comes with all the reactions of a life-like cat would be expected to have. The kitten is able to follow a child with its built-in sensors. At the same time, other sensors in the cheeks and on the head allow the kitten to react to petting. Kids can expect long purrs whenever the kitten is played with.

The eyes of the kitten also change colors during play time. Kids will quickly learn this is actually a reaction to how the kitten is feeling. With different colors in the eyes, the kitten can easily signal when it needs more affection. As any real kitten, Bella loves to play. With many secret reactions, the kitten is also able to react to teasing. With an included toy collar and a kitty toy, kids have all that’s needed to start play time.

Zoomer Kitty

When it comes to the educative part, the kitten toy can represent a starting point for an actual cat in the house. Kids can get accustomed to cats and their reactions. Of course, the toy is mostly targeting toddlers. But even in these conditions, some type of responsibility is needed. For example, when Bella is left alone for too long, she will wonder off starting to play on her own. Going on their own adventures, kids and Bella can make the most of their time together even without actually having to deal with all the messy consequences of owning a cat.

Parents can also be happy to know that Bella fun is based on battery power. More precisely, the kitten comes with USB charging. One of the downsides of these built-in batteries is they play time. But those willing to teach their kids more about kittens with a friendly toy can make the most out of Bella’s good energy.

  • Reacts to various stimuli
  • Purrs just like a real kitten
  • Built-in sensors on the head and on cheeks
  • Comes with an included kitty toy
  • Short battery life
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FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger

Tigers have inspired the imagination of kids for generations. They have been featured in cartoons and movies for years and years. But they are rarely as interactive as with the FurReal Roarin’s Tyler. The baby tiger is friendly and packed with tricks and tricks to keep the kids entertained for hours. Of course, every tiger is known for its roaring. It is why Tyler can roar as much as needed as well. Even more, with built-in sensors, Tyler can also roar back to kids when he detects roars in the room. Even when kids make playful sounds to him, Tyler is still capable of roaring back. This can also be coupled with a change in position.

FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger

With over 100 combinations of sounds and movements, Tyler has his own personality. Unlike cats and dogs, he doesn’t bark or purr. Tyler is strong and ready to tackle adventures with distinct roars. At the same time, Tyler is also ready for play time. For this reason, the tiger reacts when given a toy.

Tyler might also need to go to be after a long roaring day. It is why the tiger is soft with movable back legs and ready to be taken into bed or placed next to the bed in the kids’ room.  The sweet toy can be used for cuddles.

All the instructions, the pet toy, and Tyler come shipped in a box. While owning a real tiger is unlikely to happen in the future, such a toy can spark the imagination of children. It can also keep them away from smartphone or tablet screens which can boost their imagination while protecting their vision.

  • Distinct roaring personality
  • Cuddly soft construction
  • Reacts to sounds
  • Comes with 100+ movements and sounds
  • Mechanical-looking movements for older kids
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Hatchimals Surprise – Peacat – Hatching Egg with Surprise Twin

Hatchimals have been popular with kids for years and years. They have been used for creative fun play ideas. But now they come as twins and the egg surprise is even bigger. Of course, even if they are twins it doesn’t mean their personalities are the same. Kids get two Hatchimals with different abilities.

One Hatchimal can move its head and wings while the other is a very good singer. In fact, once reaching toddler age, the Hatchimal can even record kids and play the recordings with different tones. Simply moving the Hatchimals up and down will change their voice playback sound. The higher the Hatchimal is, the higher the playback sound becomes. The lower the Hatchimal gets to play, the deeper its voice becomes.

Hatchimals Surprise - Peacat - Hatching Egg with Surprise Twin

Twin A and Twin B come with different abilities. But since one of them is so good at singing and playback, it can also trigger the other twin to start moving around and even dancing. Most importantly, their distinct personalities can trigger kids’ imagination. With a simple and more creative way of spending less time staring at a screen, these Hatchimals are also soft to touch. They can be carried around the house and even away for weekend trips.

Most importantly, the twins come as a full surprise. If kids are typically used to see a single Hatchimal, they are now in for a double surprise. Of course, all of these qualities are still based on the hatch surprise. They will push and push until free from the egg. Kids know when this is going to happen as the Hatchimal’s eyes turn red before hatching. After the hatch, kids can discover the unique personalities the Hatchimal twins come with.

Raising the twins from baby to toddlers takes time. But parents can easily replace the batteries when needed. For the moment, both twins come with included batteries for immediate action. An instruction guide is also included in the pack. Parents unsure of how to deal with the newly-discovered Hatchimals world can find all the information they need to be included in the pack. Parents can also be confused about the size of toys today. But the small Hatchimals can easily fit luggage and easily be taken on road trips or days away from home without needing too much space.

  • Double surprise with twin Hatchimals
  • Ready to hatch with included batteries
  • Distinct personalities
  • Singing and dancing are characteristic to the twins
  • Can be raised from baby to toddler
  • Record and repeat messages as Hatchimal toddlers
  • Eyes change color
  • Rechargeable batteries not included
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FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Pet

Taking a pet on a walk is one of the oldest playing ideas. All kids love to have their pet friend and simply learning more about how to go on a walk can prepare them for the real deal with an actual pet. But FurReal created the Walkin’ Pup Pet ready to be taken out for walks. It can be a great gift idea or it could simply be a purchase to teach kids some type of responsibility.

However, the pup is not a simple pup. It has its own set of tricks and gimmicks ready to surprise kids. First of all, it comes with a plush look. Kids can pet the fluffy toy as much as they want. Secondly, the pup is ready to show its tricks at a push of a button. The pup wags its tail and it tilts its head. But at the same time, the pet is ready to go on walks. Going outside might not be the case with such a crystal white pup, but walks inside the house are about to get serious.

FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Pet

The pup comes with an included leash. Kids can use it to have their own fun while walking and spending time together. Even during a walk, there is still room to learn new tricks. For example, the pup can learn to sit or take a break. In order for this to happen, kids need to pet the pup on its head.

In the age of technology, the pup is ready to reach its full potential. Using a dedicated smartphone app, kids can control the pup with some tricks. They can control the direction in which the pup is looking. The app can also be a meeting point for other pets such as the My Giggle Monkey or Pom Pom.

Most importantly, the pup can be taken on walks. Even giving it voice commands comes with a barking response. This can happen during a walk as well. When the pup is talked to, it usually responds with its own barks which can be a fun way of making the most out of every walk.

From a learning perspective, the pup can teach kids more about the importance of communication and spending time with a pup or even a real dog. With integrated smartphone controls and the ability to play with other toys and kids, the little ones can learn more about social circumstances and the dynamics of playing with a puppy with multiple friends. Most importantly, the toy combines traditional methods of playing with integrated smartphone technology to offer a great overall play time complexity.

  • Made with a fluffy friendly look
  • Can be taken for walks
  • Barks back
  • Wags tail, sits and tilts her head
  • Included leash for playtime walks
  • Can be used with other toys through a smartphone app
  • Sits until signaled to walk again
  • Could include a clapping hand trick
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Dragon Toys Talking Tom

Talking Tom is a hit with many kids. Its attractiveness makes their eyes light up just when they hear Tom’s name. Those who’ve already used the official app expect a similar experience. This is the case with the Talking Tom toy as well. Tom repeats everything kids say in his own funny voice. A simple message can be recorded and Tom will repeat it in its characteristic way. This can create hours and days of fun for most kids recording their own messages.

Dragon Toys Talking Tom

But Talking Tom also comes with included sensors on his tummy and on his forehead. A reaction such as purring is expected. But Talking Tom can also make different sounds from the app. The integrated voice playback and sound playback from the app live up to the name Talking Tom has. Another important aspect is given by the fact that Talking Tom is easy to use. Unlike many other electric pet toys, Talking Tom actually comes with a single button. Located on its left arm, the recording button can easily be pressed by a child. Parents need to know that Talking Tom uses simple AA batteries to power hours of talking fun.

Kids who love to use iPhones and iPads for the Talking Tom app can easily see a fun alternative in the pet toy. The toy repeats everything kids or adults say, much like the official app. But the advantage of Talking Tom has is the fact that he can be taken anywhere. Even when kids go to sleep they might still ask their parents to take Talking Tom with them as the toy comes in soft plush material. With actual sounds from the app and built-in sensors, talking Tom is ready to take the challenge and communicate his way to friendliness with kids 3 years and up.

  • Repeats the sounds just like the app
  • Easy to hold due to a compact size
  • Easy to use with single-button recordings
  • Recommended for ages three and up
  • Uses standard AA batteries
  • Sensors on the forehead need improvement
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Zoomer Dino Jurassic world Indominus REX-Collectible Robotic Edition

Inspired by a famous dinosaur at Jurassic World, the Indominus Rex is a true beast ready for any challenge. From patrolling to reacting to waves, the dinosaur is ready to offer days of fun to many kids. It comes with a realistic look which has kids excited for playtime. It is also based on the Jurassic World series which makes it even more distinct. Most importantly, the Indominus Rex is able to see the hands of those around him, reacting in different ways when movement is detected.

The dinosaur comes with his own reactions but at the same time, it can be controlled through a remote controller. It can be used in patrol missions and exploring the immediate surroundings. Based on wheels, the dinosaur can explore areas of the house with flat floors.

Zoomer Dino Jurassic world Indominus REX-Collectible Robotic Edition

Apart from coming with a real certificate of authenticity, the dinosaur also comes with real sounds from the Jurassic World. These sounds ensure kids get to enjoy a real Jurassic experience without actually having to worry too much when it comes to the dinosaur not resembling its character, which is often the case with many other toys.

Of course, one of the main attractions of the toy actually comes with its Attack Mode. It is the time when kids get most excited. The dinosaur can defend its territory and make the most out of every opportunity, even when not fully prepared for its reaction. It is why kids may even see ferocious spins or tail whips.

  • Powered by USB charging
  • Controlled through remote control with AAA batteries
  • Based on the most fearsome dinosaur at Jurassic World
  • Sensors detect hand movements
  • Comes with attack and patrol modes
  • Each dinosaur is shipped with a certificate of authenticity
  • Needs perfectly flat floors to maintain balance
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Pomsies Pom-Pom Pet – Snowball

The Pom-Pom Pet is more than a simple toy. It can actually be used as a clothing accessory as well. With a plush texture, the pet can easily be played with at home and even when away from home. The eyes of the pet light up creating a unique contrast with its crystal white plush coat.

But kids also love the interactive side of the toy. With over 50 reaction sounds, there are plenty of instances when the toy can actually surprise kids with its own reaction. A freeze dance mode is also available on the pet. It comes as one of the self-reliant actions of the pet and kids can play together with their friends to make the most out of each social gathering.

Pomsies Pom-Pom Pet – Snowball

The pet might not purr when touched, but it certainly comes with all the sounds which make it a unique toy cat to play with. Pom-Pom may not come with direct educational benefits, but it can be shared with friends, which makes kids aware of their own role in a community. The color changes in the eyes also make Pom-Pom a relatable solution for parents considering future pets.

Depending on the mood, Pom-Poms eye colors change which can trigger different reactions in the kids as well. They will learn that a happy Pom-Pom equates to positive reactions. Putting the Pom-Pom around the arm also ensures these reactions can actually be tracked for the entire duration of the day.

Another fun feature of the Pom-Poms comes with their hiccups. When kids pet their face, they start creating fun sounds. However, petting them on their mouths is what is actually responsible for feeding the pets. Too much petting or actual feeding will lead to hiccups. Other actions can come described in the user’s manual. For example, when the pets are sneezing kids can tap their nose to make them feel better.

The color of the eyes also indicates various moods and needs. For example, when the pets’ eyes turn yellow, kids know they are hungry and that feeding time has arrived. At the same time, they need to go to bed from time to time and kids need to follow the instructions and allow the pets to go for a quick nap. Those who are looking for a more unique experience can even play with the Pom-Poms in the dark or in low light.

Since the eyes of the pets light up, they can be the only part of the Pom-Poms visible during the night. From dancing movements to purrs, playing with the pets is a sure way to get kids interested in bedtime. But there are many more tips and tricks to follow and parents can tell their kids all about what the pets like and what they don’t like simply by reading the toys’ instructions.

  • Distinct look with plenty of originality
  • 50 sounds to mark different reactions
  • Eye color changes frequently
  • Included freeze dance mode
  • Soft cuddly fur face perfect for bedtime play
  • Can get dirty outside
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Crate Creatures Surprise- Sizzle

Dogs are fun and cats are cuddly. But kids often love the wackiest toys. It is the case of the Crate Creatures Surprise-Sizzle as well. The Creature vibrates, lights up and makes sounds to offer a real experience to all kids. It comes shipped in a special creature box, which needs to be opened with a crowbar. Once opened, the creature’s sensors detect that it is lying down and as a result, it will start to make creature sounds until fully upright.

Kids can have hours of fun by actually pulling the creatures’ tongue. This leads to various sounds which can make the creature even scarier. There are 45 sounds the creature can reproduce with this tongue-pulling technique.

Crate Creatures Surprise- Sizzle

But kids can also record their own messages with the creature. These messages can be played for a more tailored fun experience. When playtime is over, the creature can be placed back in its cage and the process repeated as many times as needed.

Apart from clueless trolls, the creature also feeds with batteries. Luckily, 3 LR44 batteries are already included in the pack. The creature-release crowbar is also shipped with the crate and the instructions manual.

At 454 grams, the creature is not too heavy to be moved around easily by kids. It can be a fun toy to play with at home or in the car, on road trips. Packed in a reusable crate, the creature can come with hours of fun with its long list of creature sounds.

Crate Creatures also comes with an entire series of toys. Kids can start collecting monsters or dinosaurs. The same tongue-pulling fun principle is viable for other creatures from the manufacturer. The most interesting aspect is that smaller creatures usually come in packs of six. So once kids get the hang of a single creature toy, they can also be surprised with a pack of smaller creatures picked at random to complete their collection.

  • Distinct create figure
  • Released from the box using a crowbar
  • 45 creature sounds
  • Ability to record kids’ voice
  • Included 3 LR44 batteries
  • Mainly recommended for kids 4 and above
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Buyer's Guide

Purchasing a new electric pet toy is a fun time. It can bring parents and kids together. Adults can learn more about what kids want while children can find a deeper purpose in these toys. Many of the pet toys come with an educational perspective as well. However, toys are toys and if they are not fun to use, kids are likely to never play with them. There are a few important characteristics to think about during the years when kids receive various types of toys.

  • Safety Safety comes first. All toys need to abide by demanding regulation when it comes to child safety. This is why toys such as the Zoomer Dino, Jurassic world Indominus Rex Collectible Robotic Edition comes with a compliance certificate. Each toy is accompanied by this quality certificate which is proof that the toy is not counterfeit and that it is actually safe to play with.
  • Another important consideration to make comes with the fact that toys need to be played with according to the age of the child. If the manufacturer only recommends the toy to be offered to a child of age 6, those below this age should not play with the toy. This falls under the responsibility of the parents. Some toys might have small parts which can represent a risk for toddlers. Others might come with a message which is not recommended in the first years of life. Regardless of the cause, those purchasing toys need to check the product’s recommendations before the purchase.
  • Fun A toy needs to be fun to use. It is why electric pet toys are usually more fun compared to their non-electric alternatives. Coming with movements and even fun sounds or distinct lights makes these toys fun to use.
  • Fun might be difficult to really establish a general standardization for all kids. Since children are different, they have different expectations and passions. It is why these toys should meet these passions. Those who love animals can play with an electric pet dog or cat. Those in love with creatures and fantasy stories can make the most of the multiple electric creatures on the market. In some cases, characters resembling them can also be fun to play with.
  • Educational purpose In a changing world, parents have more expectations from teachers and children. When it comes to toys, this is no different. Most toys today can be considered as a mere distraction by parents. Others can be seen as good learning tools. Each toy can have an educational purpose under the right conditions. However, toys which trigger imagination and communication tend to be highly valuable. Parents can use such toys to improve the way their kids think and act on their own. At the same time, the can use toys in social situations where kids would have to learn the importance of sharing.
  • Sharing and community spirit Sharing has a strong component in the electric pet toys world. Talking Tom is one of the examples of good community spirit. Kids can come together playing with the toy and even using the official app to make the most out of playtime.
  • Distinct characteristics In a world where the imagination of toy manufacturers can suffer, kids certainly get excited about new toys. They can make the most out of unique designs and unique features. Often comparing their toys to the toys of others, they can also share these captivating toys with their friends. It is worth taking the time and researching unique toys as a result.
  • Multiple toys instead of a single toy Hatchimals Twin Creatures are an example of good toy-manufacturing ideas. The originality of the toy has kids playing with two Hatchimals instead of one. This can be a good opportunity to learn more about how toys can be used together. It is also a perfect opportunity for brothers and sisters to play together.
  • Adults and kids playing together Even electric pet toys cannot replace the attention of parents. Adults need to spend more time with their kids. Unlike smartphone games, toys actually allow parents to spend more time with their kids. With diminishing free time to spend with kids, toys can be a quick way to bond and to create special parent-child moments. The entire family can get behind a child playing with an interactive toy. At the same time, these toys can be a good ice-breaker at social events such as family gatherings or birthday parties.
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about electronic pets.

  • What is an electric pet toy? An electric pet toy is programmed to offer distinct reactions from sounds to movements. Powered by batteries, they differentiate themselves from regular pet toys simply by coming with an interactive play possibility.
  • How old does my child need to be to play with an electric pet toy? Not all electric pet toys are made the same. Some are easy to use for those of ages 2 or above. Others need more attention and they can be recommended for kids 6 or above. However, each toy needs to come with clear indications and age recommendations for safety purposes.
  • Are electric pet toys safe? Most electric pet toys are safe. To avoid any accidents, parents are advised to purchase toys from authorized retailers manufacturing toys according to current regulation.
  • Is there an educational purpose of electric pet toys? Not all toys have an educative purpose. However, pet toys can come with a sense of responsibility, which can trigger kids to create a positive environment for a real pet, if this should be the case.


Finding the best electric pet toys is a fun time. It lets parents experiment and make inspired gifts. At the same time, it can allow kids to make the most out of each toy as all of them are different. Unlike some games or classic toys, electric pet toys come with a different modus operandi. They can come with built-in sensors, recorders or even mechanisms which allow movement. Discovering all of these distinct characteristics brings excitement to kids, which can be the most important reaction.

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