Lego is one of the most popular and creative toys, beloved my children and adults alike. As creatives many of us learned our passion for design from playing with Lego as kids, I know that it was always my favorite toy to play with – spending hours building structures, bases and creating worlds with my Lego. It’s no surprise then as we have grown up, many adults still play with Lego and there is a large collectors community around Lego with some of the largest and rarest sets being sold for hundreds of dollars which then appreciate in value to the point where some of the most expensive Lego sets are now worth thousands!

Investing in Lego

Lego collectors who purchase sets and keep them boxed or even sealed in “new” condition can see better returns on their investment than by investing in shares or gold, with some of the more popular sets being the Star Wars related or Landmarks. One set which has seen the largest rise in price is the Cafe Corner set which was sold in 2007 for $89 and is now worth around $2300 – a return of over 2000%.

If you are interested in investing in Lego, one site to look at is called BrickPicker which is a website all about Lego prices and investing. Sets to invest in are generally the larger sets, Ultimate Collector Series and sets which contain a unique mini figure are all worth a look.

If you are interested in collecting lego, investing in Lego or would just like to see which sets are worth the most, we have put together this guide to the most expensive sets available currently in 2017. Take a look below and wish you had these sets collecting dust in your attic!

1. Starwars Millenium Falcon Ultimate Collector’s

This is the ultimate set of Lego for any Starwars fan, the most important ship in the universe and the biggest Star Wars model ever made, clocking in at a massive 5195 pieces. It includes mini-figures of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. This model measures 25.7 x 7.6 x 18.9 inches and weighs in at 24 pounds!

This set was released in 2017 and sold for $500, to purchase now for a complete set unused in original box it will set you back around $5000 and upwards if you are lucky enough to find one for sale.

  • Current Price: $5000 – $10000
  • Item no. 10179
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2. Taj Mahal

The Lego Taj Mahal set is “amazingly detailed model features the base, minarets, domes, finials, arches, and stairs in the front”, designed for experienced builders it contains over 5,922 pieces and is designed to be an accurate representation of the building. It retailed at $299 but now costs $3000 up to $5000 for a set in new condition.

  • Current Price: $5000
  • Item no. 10189
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Grand Carousel

The Lego Creator Grand Carousel is a set with over 3000 pieces which behaves like a real carousel by spinning & playing music while the horses & swing boats move up and down. It was released in 2009 for $249 but now sells for 10 times that at around $2300 in new condition.

  • Current Price: $2349
  • Item no. 10196
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Statue of Liberty

The Lego Statue of Liberty is a monster, standing at 2.5 feet tall and containing 2882 pieces, this will take you a while to build if you decide to unbox it as most of the pieces are green so it will require some patience to build, and $4000 to hand if you decide to pursue this one.

  • Current Price: $4000
  • Item no. 3450
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Eiffel Tower

Another famous landmark set, the Eiffel Tower is built to a 1:300 scale and was designed around the original blueprints for the tower and contains 3,428 pieces. Expect to pay upwards of $2900 if you would like to add this set to your collection.

  • Current Price: $2900
  • Item no. 10181
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Death Star II

The Death Star is an iconic piece of sci-fi lore and this Lego set is a 3417 piece monster of a set which stands 25 inches high and comes with it’s own stand for when it’s finished. It includes “Imperial super laser II, laser cannons, ion cannons, tractor beam replacements, Quadanium steel hull and numerous deflector generators” and is a faithful replica of the model used in the films.

  • Current Price: $2600
  • Item no. 10143
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Mr Gold

Mr Gold is a limited edition figure designed to celebrate the 10th series of the Minifigures theme, only 5000 figures were made so it is extremely rare and commands high prices online if you are lucky enough to find one for sale. He has a chrome gold finish and comes packaged in two bags – A clear bag inside the foil package which holds him safely.┬áSome Mr. Golds have not been registered on so there may still be some out there undiscovered!

  • Current Price: $2300
  • Item no. 71001
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Cafe Corner

Lego Make & Create Cafe Corner is a 2,056-piece set which represents a street corner with a cafe. It includes “Realistic decorations include cafe tables with umbrellas, striped awning, hotel sign, trash can, street light, bench, and more.” New copies of this set sell for $2000 upwards.

  • Current Price: $2300
  • Item no. 10182
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Imperial Star Destroyer

The Imperial Star Destroyer is a another Star Wars set in Ultimate Collector Series which measures over 3 feet long and contains 3,104 pieces.

  • Current Price: $3000
  • Item no. 10030
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Rebel Blockade Runner

The Rebel Blockade runner is another Star set in the Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series. It is a model of Princess Leia’s Corellian Corvette, the Tantive IV. The set is heavy enough to require two stands to support it. It was launched in 2001 at the price of $199 but will now cost over $1500 if you’d like a copy.

  • Current Price: $1500
  • Item no.10019
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