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Fallout 76 News: Bethesda Reveals Fallout 76 Roadmap for 2019

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Despite Fallout 76’s bug-ridden launch and continued broken state, people are still playing it like crazy. Some gamers are really into the lore here it seems.

To appease those dedicated players, Bethesda decided to release a roadmap for the game that details all of the updates for 2019. So far, we know that this year will consist of three big content drops.

Fallout 76

The post starts by noting that the game has been for 100 days. It goes on:

“There’s nothing like the start of something new – for you and for us, and having millions of you join us on this new adventure is humbling for our studio. Thank you for sticking with us as we figure this online experience out together, and we do mean “together.”

Thanks to your continuous feedback, we have been able to fix many of the top issues and have made numerous improvements to the game. We also make scores of changes under the hood that aren’t as visible. These include changes to improve performance, detect new exploits, and make the experience smoother for everyone. There’s still work to do, but we’re happy to report that game and server stability has increased over 300% since launch. We’re thrilled by how much everyone is playing, with an average time of 4 hours a day.”

It goes on to note the “difficult launch” and acknowledges the mistakes made by the team. That said, they’re working to remedy these issues with the free updates contained within the roadmap.

Bringing In The Content

First off is Spring’s “Wild Appalachia” update. Launching on March 12th, this content pack includes some new quests such as “Shear Terror!” and “Ever Upwards” alongside a ton of new features. One new piece is the legendary vendor and the ability to scrap high-tier items for new gear. You can also decorate your C.A.M.P., set a vending machine for selling items, and some brewing and distilling skills. Finally, this update brings with a seasonal event with unique rewards on top of a PvP focused Survival mode.

Though there isn’t as much info on this one, Summer 2019 introduces the Nuclear Winter update, with a feature called the Nuclear Winter – “an entirely new way to play that changes the rules of the wasteland.” It also brings with some new vault raids: Vault 96 and 94. This is high-level content that end game players would love to check out. Also, we’ll see a “Legendary Players” upgrade – essentially a prestige system for players who’ve hit Level 50. Those that prestige will start their characters over with brand new abilities.

Finally, Fall 2019 will be the Wastelanders update. This is the “biggest and most ambitious update for 76.” It will bring with a new main quest, some new factions, events, features, and “even more surprises.”

Hopefully, these changes will bring with a chunk of new players to get involved in the Fallout 76 world. Unfortunately, players aren’t exactly singing the game’s praises lately.

Unclear Intentions

A recent story involved a player who spent over 900 hours in-game stockpiling ammo and weapons. However, they ended up hoarding so much gear and loot that Bethesda thought he found and abused an exploit and banned him. The user claimed that Bethesda went through on the ban because the company just couldn’t believe that someone would play that long and hoard that much.

The player had two accounts, one that had gathered around 100,000 rare pickups in just a month. Their other account had even more exotic items. It was decided that they would be banned until the “issue is fixed in a future patch,” but that never happened. Also, both Bethesda and the player are claiming different ammo amounts. The story is still ongoing, however.

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