What is Stratis? Find out in our Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Stratis is a platform offering end-to-end solutions for every aspect of blockchain applications with native C# within the .Net framework, including developing, testing, and deploying. The team designed the platform to make it easier to build then deploy even the most complex blockchain applications. The enterprise-grade platform is designed to make it possible for businesses to take advantage of the blockchain at a competitive rate. The Stratis platform includes a proprietary blockchain that delivers the stability and security of blockchain along with recent breakthroughs in scalability, customization, and network speed.

Stratis Platform

Who Is Behind Stratis?

Stratis operates around the world and was created by business managers, sales and marketing experts, consultants, and developers distributed across various countries. Blockchain experts coordinate the team that combines a solid corporate structure with flexibility. This combination allows for best business practices yet the ability to prototype and deploy projects quickly. The headquarters of Stratis, which is incorporated under the name Stratis Group Ltd., is in the United Kingdom. However, it also operates in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Stratis Team

The CEO and founder of Stratis, Chris Trew, has more than 10 years of experience in enterprise IT. He also has experience as a technologist, consultant, and architect. He has been part of blockchain technology since late 2013. Director of Operations Policarpo Guerrero is an expert on corporate operations of technology companies within multicultural environments.

What Are Some Key Features of Stratis?

The key feature of Stratis is its creation of private and distinct blockchains that are launched by each third-party application that uses the platform. This allows each blockchain to be tailored for a specific developer or organization’s needs while still offering security via the main Stratis blockchain.

Stratis Features

As part of its structure, Stratus offers functionality as blockchain-as-a-service. This BaaS functionality includes decentralized app hosting, node provisioning for key cryptocurrencies, one-click deployment, fiat gateway integration, and three-tier architecture. The final key component of Stratis is the consultancy, including blockchain consultancy and active development as part of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

How Will Enterprises Use Stratis?

Thanks to the Stratis Development Platform, businesses can develop their own applications on the blockchain in C# with the Microsoft .NET Framework. The team can help companies define their blockchain strategies and customize their solutions based on need. Enterprises will also use the Cloud Stratis Platform, which lets developers quickly set up a full blockchain node for testing their application. The Cloud Stratis Platform can provision blockchain nodes for a specific blockchain, such as Bitshares, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, as well.

Stratis Enterprise

Following testing, the Cloud Stratis Platform lets businesses deploy the blockchain-based application within the cloud. This eliminates the need to maintain full clients or the network.

Just some use cases for Stratis include the immutability of records, consensus and governance, unity platform integration, general purpose ledgers, and scientific data recording. For medical research, Stratis can make scientific publications transparent. Users can record and manage data with the internet of things or for identity management in fintech. For provenance, the platform can help with tracking and verifying products.

What Is Stratis Academy?

In addition to providing the platform for development and deployment, Stratis provides resources for developers, many of which come from the Stratis Academy. This is a crucial component of the team’s aim of creating a thriving global community for developers of .net and C#, along with their solution partners. Via the Stratis Academy, the platform organizes webinars, Slack meetups, and developer conferences. It lets various members of the community share their skills with others, teach, and learn, so everyone can hone their skills. The available services via the Stratis Academy can be as basic or complex as users need. There is even an option for certification as a Stratis platform developer at the top of the spectrum.

Stratis Academy

The Stratis Academy also includes a dedicated Wiki where you will find informative articles, product descriptions, and technical specifications. Other Stratis Academy resources include code samples, reference implementations, and documentation for blockchain projects. There is even support for testing solutions.

Stratis ICO Platform

Stratis recently announced that it will begin holding Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on their platform, an ICO is a way for new companies and projects to raise funds in the form of cryptocurrencies to find development of their idea. Stratis itself was formed using an ICO. Until this time, most ICOs have taken place on the Ethereum platform and more recently NEO and Waves. Part of Ethereum’s huge rise in price in 2017 is attributed to it being used as an ICO platform, people have to buy the currency to take part in the ICO and send the funds to a contract which then pays out at the end of the period in the new companie’s token.

The first ICOs on Stratis are scheduled to take place in February and the first two companies announced to be holding their ICOs are Gluon, Silicon Valley based corporation dealing with the automotive industry and Beyond Global Trade, a manufacturing organization with a global distribution network.

Gluon ICO

These are promising developments for Stratis and could help raise the profile of the company and in turn, the price of the STRAT currency.

What Is STRAT?

STRAT is the digital cryptocurrency token that provides security for the Stratis blockchain as well as its fuel. STRAT is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency that has low inflation and limited emission. This is how users pay their fees for transactions and how participants in the marketplace transfer value. You also can trade it on a range of open exchanges. Based on market cap, STRAT is among the top cryptocurrencies. Because the Stratis blockchain uses the Bitcoin consensus algorithm for its basis, STRAT is considered among the most secure and reliable cryptographic tokens. As of the time or writing, it was equivalent to 0.00089398 Bitcoins.

How Do You Stake STRAT?

The Stratis website suggests a specific wallet for staking that lets you send, receive, and stake coins. For those who are not interested in staking and just need to be able to send and receive tokens, the team suggests the Electrum client, which is faster than the Staking Wallet. When users stake their coins, they receive one token per block, which is every 60 seconds, as an incentive for helping secure the PoS-based network. For those who are unfamiliar with staking, Stratis has a full GitBook describing exactly how to stake it on Raspberry Pi.

Breeze Wallet

Another wallet the Stratis have developed is the Breeze wallet with Tumblebit functionality, currently in beta testing, is a privacy wallet for Bitcoin. It works by mixing Bitcoins using the TumbleBit tumbler therefore protecting source of funds and account balances.

Breeze Wallet


Stratis should prove to be a very useful asset for those looking to develop on the blockchain using C# and .Net. Right from its launch, Stratis has been a unique offering because it offers blockchain-development abilities on three of the most popular types of blockchains and is also a blockchain. This allows Stratis to reach a wider range of developers, regardless of their preferred platform.

Additionally, the consulting services offered by Stratis should be even more appealing, as offerings like these are still relatively rare in the crypto world. With support in place for those with all skill levels related to blockchain development, Stratis should be able to carve a place for itself.

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