20+ Free Cyberpunk 2077 HD Wallpapers

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an exciting new game which is currently in development by CD Projekt Red, creators of the Witcher trilogy. It is an open world RPG set in a dystopian future in the year 2077, it is based on the tabletop game of the same name.

The game takes place in a “sandbox environment” of Night City, a fictional city between San Francisco and LA :

“A planned urban community founded in 1994 by the late entrepreneur Richard Alix Night (1954 – 1998). Established at the head of the Del Coronado Bay (dredged to current capacity in 1999), and facing the Pacific Ocean to the west, Night City is a modern city of the twenty-first century. Its wide streets and ultra-modern towers are home to over a million people, with another four-and-a-half million living in the greater Night City areas of Westbrook, North Oak, Heywood, Pacifica, South Night City and Rancho Coronado.

An exciting and vibrant place to live, Night City is even more fun to visit; world famous for its slogan “The City on the Edge of Tomorrow,” the area hosts almost nine million tourists, conventioneers and corporate travellers every year. A planned community with an advanced rapid transit system, its own Net LDL, and a Corporate Center boasting representatives from over a dozen of the world’s most powerful megacorps, Night City is a shining example of Technology Triumphant over the Trouble of the Past.”

Some interesting things we know about the game so far is that the game has non-english speaking characters, to understand them in-game you will need to purchase “translator inplants” which can be upgraded along the way to allow you to better understand people as you go.

Development on the game started in May 2012 and the release date is yet unknown, the developers did say that the game would be “far, far bigger” than any of their previous titles, including Witcher 3 which is the largest open world game created so far.

Another interesting feature revealed about the game is something called “Braindance”, a new form of media in the 21st century which allows a person to view and feel someone else’s experiences, including their emotions, brain processes and even muscle movements.

If you are as excited about this game as we are, you might want to decorate your computer screen with some imagery from the game – that’s why we have put together this collection of 20 Cyberpunk 20177 Wallpapers for you to download. Take a look below.

Watch The Trailer

Here is the teaser trailer released by CD Projekt Red.

Download Cyberpunk 2077 Wallpapers

Here are a collection of wallpapers in HD format, click the image to download the full size version.

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