If you are a photographer wishing to process the images you have taken, probably the best and most well-known software to do so is Adobe’s Lightroom. This is a program which is now part of their Creative Cloud suite of apps and it has some powerful features for organizing and processing large amounts of photos. Some of the features available in Lightroom include things like developing your photos and controlling the white balance, adjusting highlights, shadows, whites and blacks. You can also retouch images, sharpen, reduce noise, add grain and so on.

If you wish you can save your settings you have created as a “preset” which means you can then apply those same settings to future photos. Another way to make the most from Lightroom is to use presets created by other people. You can import these presets into your Lightroom by doing the following :

How to Install a Lightroom Preset

  1. Open Lightroom
  2. Go To: “Edit” > “Preferences” > “Presets”
  3. Click On The Box Titled: “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”
  4. Double Click on” Lightroom”
  5. Double Click on “Develop Presets”
  6. Copy the Folder of your Presets Into “Develop Presets”
  7. Restart Lightroom
  8. Your presets will now be available to use under the “Develop” area

Presets are available for many different types of effects and for different kinds of photography, such as for Landscapes, Portraits, Newborn Photography, Food Photography as well as more creative effects like Lomography, Lightleaks and HDR effects. We have put together this list of over 50 different Lightroom Presets so there should be something to suit all photographers.

Ultimate Lightroom Preset Bundle

This is an amazing bundle deal from Photonify, it includes every Lightroom Preset collection and every Photoshop Actions collection + any future ones which are added to the site. Currently you receive 15 Preset bundles and 4 actions bundles which total over 300 items for just $99. It includes presets for just abot every type of photographer – landscapes, portraits, HDR, newborns, wedding, Lomo, Food and so on.

More Info & Demo

Landscapes Collection

Perfect for enhancing your landscape photography – this collection contains 20 presets which will make your photos pop.

More Info & Demo

Food Photography Lightroom Presets

A collection of presets for enhancing your food photography – perfect for food bloggers or commercial use in advertising campaigns.

More Info & Demo

Portrait Collection Vol 2

This is the second volume of Portrait Photography Lightroom Presets, an absolute must for portrait and fashion photographers who wish to adjust tones, improve colors and contrasts of their shots. You can use this collection to speed up the post processing process and give your shots some interesting styles.

More Info & Demo

Portrait Collection Vol 1

This is Volume 1 of the Portrait Photography Lightroom Presets: A Collection of amazing presets to give your fashion, portrait and street photography different styles, tones and contrasts. Speed up the post processing process using our presets and offer your clients different options for their photos.

More Info & Demo

Monochrome Collection

This set contains 20 Lightroom presets which have been specially designed for monochrome photography. It includes many different shades and styles to choose from to create your perfect photo.

More Info & Demo

Lightleaks Collection

Light Leaks are the appearance the some light has leaked on to your negative and can add an interesting touch to your photographs. Light Leaks vary in size and shape and create that “glare” look when viewed. This set of presets recreates that look with 20 different looks to choose from.

More Info & Demo

DuoTones Collection

This set contains 20 Lightroom presets which have been specially designed to give your photography the duotone look. It includes many different colors and styles to choose from and will work with Black & White or Color photos.

More Info & Demo

Vintage Film Collection

The Vintage Film collection recreates different types of old analog film styles – add grain, sepia, faded and washed out looks for some interesting styles of photos.

More Info & Demo

Wedding Collection

The wedding collection will speed up the post production of your wedding shoots and allow you to present your clients with some interesting photos in different styles – includes monochrome, color and other styles perfect for wedding shoots.

More Info & Demo

Matte Collection

The Matte effect has been gaining popularity and is the perfect way to stylize and add some interest to all kinds of photography.

More Info & Demo

Cinematic Collection

The cinematic collection is for giving your images a dramatic cinematic feel as if they were straight out of a movie scene.

More Info & Demo

Pastel Collection

The Pastel collection is for creating soft pastel toned photography, you could use it for advertising, wedding, portraits or other types of photography.

More Info & Demo

HDR Collection

The HDR collection recreates that High Dynamic Range look for your photos without having to use special software and without the need for multiple shots at different exposures – perfect for landscapes and city scenes.

More Info & Demo

Lomo Collection

The Lomo collection recreates the stylized Lomography look and feel with over saturation, tonal and color changes to give your images a very interesting look.

More Info & Demo

Newborn Collection

The newborn collection is for baby photographers and proud parents who wish to create a beautiful portrait of their newborn child.

More Info & Demo

Monochrome Collection

A set of 20 Lightroom presets to convert your photos to monochrome – choose between different black and white styles or other slight hues. Perfect for creating timeless photos such as for portraits or couples photography.

More Info & Demo

Landscape Collection Vol.2

This set contains 20 Lightroom presets which have been specially designed to enhance landscape photography.Enhances and adds different effects to being the best out of your landscape photos.

More Info & Demo

Portrait Collection Vol.3

A Collection of Presets for Portrait Photographers who wish to give their images some special and unique styles. You can use this preset collection for many different effects which will enhance your images and make them stand out. Ideal for hobbyist photographers and studio professionals looking to speed up their workflow.

More Info & Demo

City Nights Collection

This collection is for photographers who like to shoot night time city photos – its perfect for bringing out the details in lighting and adding different tones to your cityscapes.

More Info & Demo

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