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20 Best Free Online Photo Editors 2018

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They say that the best things in life are free, but does this extend to photo editors? For simple, everyday photo-editing tasks such as cropping objects out of a picture, doing basic touch-ups and adding an extra something to your image, you don’t need to pay out lots of money for expensive software – there are now a large number of free online photo editors which work in your browser.

Those who are looking for specific image edit functions such as adding shapes and stickers, airbrushing, resizing, applying tans, adding makeup, removing of wrinkles, brightening of eyes, applying a border, blurring images, using a magic wand, doing some color fills, clone stamping, adding a filter, cropping and removing red eye won’t have to look elsewhere. Every function is here and free to use.

There’s no worrying about annoying watermarks and irritating company logo stamped on each finished photo you’ve edited. These websites are free as advertised, which means there are no strings attached. The original photo will be intact and whole during the entire process.

We present the 20 best free online photo editors on the internet today. Some of these editors are basic in nature and some are complex, but they all do one thing- they won’t require you to download and install software on your computer because all the editing is done on the web browser. Some of the ones listed here won’t even require you to sign up to start using their photo-editing tools.

Check them out and let us know which is your favourite.


You get a wealth of great editing tools that are normally found in big name photo-editing software with Pixlr. Some of the best examples include an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, support for fullscreen mode, and the ability to create your own workspace makes it one of the best free photo editors ever made. Create entirely new images on a blank canvas, or plop down an existing image uploaded from your computer. The finished image can then be saved to your computer or uploaded to Flickr, Picasa or Facebook.


  • Tools can be called up with a shortcut key.
  • Fullscreen mode.


  • The undo button is easily clickable.

Visit Pixlr

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Why is Photoshop here, you ask? Simple. The Express Editor is the free version of Adobe’s Photoshop in an online form. Only the most basic functions are included, but it’s still very serviceable when it comes to small image edits and everyday photo tasks. You can adjust the image or add in effects such as tint changes, hue, burn and white balance. It will also allow you to add in stickies bubbles, text, frames and a costume to complete the effect. Fullscreen is a welcome addition that gives you much-needed editing real estate.


  • Full screen mode.
  • Includes free clipart.


  • Only saves in JPG format.

Visit Photoshop Express


Make editing easy or as complicated as you’d like when you get to the Fotor website. The editor supports nifty one-click filters as well as a plethora of editing tasks for your photo editing needs. You can edit the curves or alter the brightness, tint, temperature, etc. What’s more, you can add in stickers, text or borders to create enjoyable photos.


  • Share images online in just a click.
  • Edit large images easily.


  • Some features can only be unlocked if you register on their website.

Visit Fotor


The array of tools and menus are arranged at the top, providing you with a clear view of the image you’re editing below. iPiccy allows users to create their own images from nothing, or edit existing photos to perfection. Specific tools to remove unsightly wrinkles, add in color via mascara and a blemish fixer round out the beautify options. You’ll be able to see the history of changes made to the image that is currently open, add textures, holiday frames, etc.


  • No need to register.
  • Images are updated in real-time for any edits made.


  • No resize option.

Visit iPiccy


This free image editor can accept image files from your webcam, your computer or on websites. In the same vein, the resulting finished picture can be directly uploaded to popular social media sites such as Tumblr or Twitter. In addition to the basic editing tools, you also get cool filter effects such as cartoonizer and oil painting, a text tool, a lot of available frames and textures, labels and all the emoticons you can fit into an image. The Facebook Cover feature is an especially useful tool for when you need a final photo that’s the exact dimension as a Facebook cover image.


  • A lot of cool and funny effects, emoticons and labels for you to play around with.
  • Multiple photo upload and download options.


  • Some of the borders and effects can only be unlocked if you cough up for the paid BeFunky version.

Visit BeFunky


PhotoCat is an all-rounder online image editor that can do a variety of editing tasks well. Some of the more common editing functions include changing the size, hue, saturation, contrast, sharpness, cropping, etc. The advanced tools are what makes PhotoCat shine- there’s the mascara painter, slimming feature, the spray tan tool and the blemish remover, among others.


  • The Compare button is a nice feature.
  • The text tool can add in comment bubbles and other fun text types.


  • You may only import from your computer.

Visit PhotoCat


Picozu features a clean, natural look that will impress you. Users can open multiple tabs for simultaneous image editing purposes. Moreover, there’s an autosave and an easy drag-and-drop feature. This online image editor can put out standard file types as well as the more obscure ones such as PSD and SVG. Once the photo is up, you can add in shapes, texts, resize, crop, air brush and fill in certain areas with color. There are also advanced features for expert editors. Applying fine brush strokes, dozens of filters and working with layers are easily handled by this powerful online editing platform.


  • Powerful and super easy to use.
  • Has an auto save feature.


  • Some of the included tools don’t have advanced settings.

Visit Picozu


piZap is limited in space, but what it lacks in real estate it more than makes up for heft and photo editing tools. Some of the things you can do here are adding shapes, cropping images, painting using a brush, overlaying multiple images, adjusting saturation and hue, adding effects, stickers and glittering or regular text. Included is a curious tool you can use to create stickers out of your own images. Upload photos from your computer or your webcam and download the finished photo to your computer. You can also put it up directly to your Facebook or Twitter page.


  • Allows easy image sharing.
  • Shows live previews.


  • No fullscreen, limited editing space.

Visit piZap


Sumopaint surprises its users with a condensed interface that combines both simple and advanced photo-editing tasks for everyday use. Complex manipulations such as flipping, rotating, cropping and layers can be done with this free online photo editor. You can also change brightness, contrast, equalize colors, desaturate and the like. Perhaps the most notable feature is the excellent range of filters- the 3D, blurring, sharpening, texturing and stylizing filters all give your picture that unique look. Upload and get your finished image in popular formats.


  • Awesome list of filters and adjustments.
  • Has some of the most free tools for photo editing.


  • All the better tools, adjustments and filters are only unlocked if you get the paid version.

Visit SumoPaint


Imagebot is a notable free online photo editor because instead of the usual clone stamp, pencil and brush tools, you get tons and tons of logos, shapes and stickers instead. The editor even has a great layer support for when you need to manipulate or add in multiple pictures simultaneously. Add in pictures from your computer, a URL address of your Facebook account. The menus are laid out in an intuitive manner and the icons are pretty easy to understand. Moreover, you can drag the icons and move them around for a customized menu.


  • Perfect for creating photo albums.
  • It’s easy to understand what each button and icon does.


  • No tinypic support

Visit Image Bot


All of the necessary tools can be found on the left part of the web page, which makes the whole screen free for photo editing purposes. There are unique editing options such as the lip tint, the blush booster, the eyebrow pencil and the blemish fixer tool. PicMonkey includes a number of usable filters you can put on your images. What’s more, you can apply the filters only to the areas where you need them. You can apply textures, frames or browse for themed tools such as Zombies, Vampires, Schools, etc. The finished image can be transferred to your Dropbox or PC, or shared via many compatible websites.


  • Great for beginner editors.
  • Filled with a ton of photo customization options.


  • Some tools require payment.

Visit Pic Monkey

Image Espresso

Image Espresso is a very simple no-nonsense online photo editor. First, you can rotate, resize or crop an image you uploaded online. Change your photo up with the available noise reduction, hue/saturation/ brightness, contrast and sharpening tools. Then, add game-changing image effects such as oil painting and export them to the many available formats such as GIF, PNG, JPG, TIF and PSD.


  • Export to a ton of picture formats.


  • May be too simple for advanced image editors.

Visit Image Expresso


At first glance, this free photo editor seems too simple with its no-nonsense look, but once you start working you’ll forget all about it. You get the usual brighten, rotate and crop feature and the advanced ones such as a one-click image enhancer and a red eye remover. You can apply colors, borders, a few effects and filters, text and the image saturation. Upload the image from your computer and get the finished product back via popular image file formats or PDF files.


  • Simple, intuitive interface.
  • The one-click image enhancer is an excellent feature.


  • Tiny preview image.

Visit FreeOnlinePhotoEditor

Online-Image-Editor is one of the few online image editors that can resize your picture even before fully uploading it on their servers. You’ll be surprised how a free online editor has so much tools, including image overlaying, image converting and animation support, among others. Spend a bit of time and you’ll know what each one does. Upload your picture from a laptop or desktop computer, then get it back via Facebook or Picasa.


  • Resize your image while uploading.
  • Windows-like interface lends a great editing atmosphere.


  • You will need to apply changes first before seeing the results. No live previews.

Visit Online Image Editor


You get a wealth of different photo-editing features when you open up LunaPic, although some of them aren’t quite visible at first glance. Suffice to say, you’ll need to invest a bit of time learning the interface to get the most out of LunaPic. Once you’ve settled down, you can click on the menus to do a variety of things, including adding animations, effects, borders and drawing on images. LunaPic has an extension on both Chrome and Firefox; install the extension and it becomes a drag-and-drop affair. The final image can be sent to your computer or to Picasa, Imgur, etc. in popular formats such as AVI, PNG, JPG and GIF.


  • Strong selection of editing tools.
  • Photo can be uploaded in various means.


  • Steep learning curve.

Visit LunaPic

Quick Picture Tools

The title is as advertised- Quick Picture Tools provides fast image editing when you need it the most. Look beyond the simple editing tools and you’ll see some advanced settings as well. The rounded corners tool makes your edges rounded, with added capability to resize the original image or add in a shadow effect.


  • Quick, simple and easy online editor.
  • Has some advanced tools for the more discerning image editor.


  • Some digging required for accessing the advanced features.

Visit Quick Picture Tools


Snaptouch is your go-to free online editor because it can do some things that other free online editors cannot. The most notable offering is the ability to click on a one-touch effect to get a fully edited picture. Some of the options include drawing, painting or a sketch. You can upload the preferred image with the chosen effect, or do some minor edits such as changing the sensitivity. Snaptouch allows users to download the completed images back to their laptop or desktop computer.


  • One-click effects is awesome and cool.
  • Speedy online editor.


  • The web-based interface can prove to be difficult to maneuver.

Visit SnapTouch

Cut My Pic!

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the free online editor website is that the menu is well-made and it’s colorful. To start, upload an image from your computer, then select the image corner type. If you want to add in special effects such as a shadow, de-noise or sharpen, then you can do so here. In addition, you can put up a reflection effect to really complete the picture. Cut My Pic! has a nifty preview button for you to see what the end result looks like. If you’re satisfied, then it’s off to your computer, your Twitter or your Facebook page.


  • Menus are colorful and intuitive.
  • The reflection effect is real nice.


  • Cropping can prove to be an exercise in frustration.

Visit Cut My Pic!


Interface is what potentially could make or break a free image editor, and PicFull has that in spades. The standard array of editing tools are replaced with a wide variety of available filters. Simply upload your picture from your computer and scroll through the filters. Then, adjust the blur, the color and the fade, among other things. When satisfied, click on apply changes. Voila! You’re done. The results show up quickly so you’ll know if you need further editing or not. Save the final image to the Picfull website which gives you a public URL and a download link.


  • Quick filters for quick editing needs.
  • Beginner-friendly.


  • Not much else to do but apply and adjust the filter effects.

Visit PicFull


FotoFlexer makes it easy for you to upload the image to their website for editing. Overlays are supported, and the tools are divided helpfully in their own categories. Some of the unique edits include Insert a Face, Bulge or Pinch effects, blurred edges, color filler and red eye remover, etc. Moreover, you can put in as many text, stickers, glitters or animated stars as you want.


  • All tools are free to use.
  • Has full screen support.


  • Some of the tools don’t work as intended.

Visit FotoFlexer

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