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”IT” By Stephen King Receives Three New Board Game Renditions

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“An ancient evil lurking under the town of Derry, Maine rises from its slumber every 27 years to terrorize the town’s children, and Pennywise has yet again to emerge… this time, in eerily familiar forms that will take over your future game nights,” reads a posting on The OP – a team of game makers that focus on bringing your childhood memories back to you via physical board games.

That’s right, this post is focusing on IT – the creature from the breakout novel by Stephen King. These are The OP’s “scares games yet,” and are being made in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, and are the first time this terrifying clown has gotten a board game rendition.

IT Board Games

Classics In The Modern Age

Starting off is the IT version of Monopoly. Instead of buying and selling properties on the traditional boardwalk, you’re trading land in Derry, Maine. Derry is the setting of the two-part novel and home to both the kids and the creature. This version consists of standout items from the story such as an Inhaler, a Paper Boat, and a Bicycle. Players will build structures on iconic locations from the intellectual property while drawing Encounter and Phenomena cards. It’s likely that these chance cards will consist of significant events from both the book and the movie. This board game will release later in 2019.

The CLUE version of IT changes the focus of the classic mystery title. Instead of it being set in a creepy house, this edition also takes place in Derry, Maine. It also has the kids trying to uncover the monster’s plan. Locations include “The House on Neibolt Street,” “The Synagogue,” and “Derry Public Library.” It’s up to players to discover how IT finds children to prey on while being sure to avoid the creature’s traps themselves. CLUE: IT is releasing this month.

Finally, we have IT: Evil Below, which is an original board game created just for this property. There isn’t much we know about it right now, however. The page reads that this game is “a cooperative dice and card game that challenges all members of The Loser’s Club to work together to drive Pennywise back into hibernation”. Supposedly we’ll learn more about this board game later on in the year.

The post ends by saying that these and “other collectibles” will be releasing all the way through 2020. That’s not to mention that this September is the release of It: Chapter Two, the sequel to the modern remake from 2017.

Scaring For Years

Stephen King released IT in 1986. It was his 22nd novel, and it focuses on an ancient creature that preys on children by embodying their fears. Interestingly, the story unfolds in two eras – the main characters as children and them as adults. King had thought of the idea years before writing it, and took years longer to publish the novel.

For his work, Stephen King received a British Fantasy Award in 1987, with other nominations throughout its publishing years. The book was also turned into a TV mini-series back in 1990. This mini-series starred Tim Curry as the infamous Pennywise but is largely dismissed by the fanbase due to its second half lacking the charm of the first.

The modern remake, however, was very well received. With Bill Skarsgård taking the reins of the creature, IT was brought to new audiences with modern special effects and a story that brought more of the charm missing from the TV rendition.

Directed by Andy Muschietti, part two will focus on the adult side of the tale, and may even hint at the beginnings of the creature himself. It’s also rumored that there will be a different ending than the book, with the film creating its own twists on the classic narrative. Stephen King has enjoyed both video renditions of his property.

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